Tuesday 29, June 2021


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Thank you all for your swift response to the current lockdown situation. I remind you all that this is a serious and concerning development and that the school takes these matters with all due diligence and conscientious attentiveness. The health and wellbeing of all our children, families, and staff remains our priority.


St Lawrence remains open for children of essential workers and will provide its ongoing educational experience.  For students remaining at home for the remainder of this week work can be accessed via the usual platforms: Mathletics, Lexile and Reading Eggs in addition to the work that some teachers upload to TEAMS or Seesaw.  No extra instructional materials will be provided to students remaining at home during the last week of term.  If the lockdown was to continue and remain in place for Term Three, the school may move to a remote learning platform.


With three days of Term remaining, I ask you all to remain safe and abide by the Government’s restrictions and focus on your personal care and wellbeing. I pray we will return to normal operations in Term Three.  If we are required to move to an ongoing lockdown situation, I am confident that we have all the necessary platforms in place to ensure that the transition to online learning is a smooth one. 

I have read all the children’s reports and I am very impressed with the learning experiences and opportunities the children at St Lawrence Primary School have been exposed to. 


I take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a safe and restful break. I pray you all remain under the care and protective mantle of Our Lady and return safely in Term Three. 


Yours in Christ,


Sheldon Carey 


St Lawrence Primary School.